The 5 Step Certification Process

1. What are your business needs?

As a business there may be varied reasons why you are considering certification in Queensland; it may be a requirement for a tender or stakeholder, it may assist in providing legal compliance or it may be to verify that your current business practices are aligned to selected management system standards in Queensland.

What standards are you aligning to?:

·      ISO 9001 – Quality Management

·      ISO 14001 –  Environmental Management

·      AS4801 – Health and Safety Management

·      ISO 45001 – Health and Safety Management.

2. Current Situation

Are you ready for certification? Truly, It is worth conducting a gap analysis of your current position before engaging in the certification process, either in house or by engaging a Queensland auditor. Thus, Astute Business Certification can provide a Gap Analysis Checklist to assist in the process. So, to obtain the Gap Analysis Checklist, contact our office today.

The certification process comprises of 2 stages.

3. Stage 1 Assessment

The first stage is to conduct the initial assessment of your management system against the specified standard and will including review of policies, processes and procedures, measurement and monitoring, management review and continuous improvement.

Therefore, the outcome of the stage 1 assessment will be a plan for the business to be prepared for the stage 2 assessment.

4. Stage 2 Assessment

The second stage is the final assessment of your management system where the implemented systems are validated against your management systems and will involve workplace visits and engage in discussions with workers and key personnel.

On successful completion of the stage 2 assessment, your business will be issued with a certification confirming compliance with the relevant statement. Also, the certification is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

5. Surveillance Assessments

To maintain certification, surveillance assessments will be conducted regularly (at least annually). Also, the surveillance assessments assist the business and benchmark the implementation of the management system.

Still Confused?