ISO Certification & Management Systems

The use of contractors in industry is a common practice however there is often much debate regarding contractor management – “surely if they conduct business; they know what to do?”

One way to assist in managing contractors is to take a 3-step approach

  1. Contractor review – what do we know about the contractor, can we see previous work or obtain references from other clients? Do they have systems of work for their personnel? Do they have adequate insurance incl workers compensation? Will they be outsourcing the work?
  2. Initial consultation – establish your workplace requirements and communicate with the contractor – this may include specific personal protective requirements, work permits or site meetings. If you have a site management plan it would be worth sharing the relevant parts with the contractor. Also discuss the scope of works and proposed mitigation of risk.
  3. Onboarding – conduct general workplace familiarisation / inductions. Ensure relevant documentation is available.
  4. Onsite audit – audit the contractor against the agreed process that is to be implemented. This is where the initial consultation brings benefit; use the contractor’s systems of works in conjunction with the workplace requirements.

We can conduct 2nd party audits on contractors and suppliers who are working at your workplace and see how Astute Business Certification can compliment you contractor management process.